This series is dedicated to philosopher, linguist and poet Jean Gebser whose major treatise, The Ever Present Origin, discusses consciousnesses and its revolutionary process.  Gebser believed that with each level of consciousness (Archaic, Magical, Mythical, Mental-Rational) there is a major shift that occurs where the old consciousness becomes deficient and is no longer sustainable.  The result is a ‘new’ consciousness which arises like a phoenix out of the ashes of the old.

At the present time, we are at a stage of Mental-Rational consciousness.  The Mental-Rational appears to be reaching the apex of deficiency demonstrated by global warming, the war in the Middle East, world economic collapse, racial cleansing, and poverty and famine still existing in many parts of the world.  Gebser called the ‘new’ consciousness that is now in the process of arising out of the deficient Mental-Rational, Integral consciousness.   Integral consciousness encompasses time freedom and thought expansiveness that extends beyond the limited dualism of rational thinking. 

Gebser believed that an assimilation of all former consciousnesses enable the blossoming of Integral consciousness.  Thus, the Integral appears through a type of simultaneous transparency of accessing and knowing all levels that proceeded it ... Archaic, Magical, Mythical and Mental.  

It is to this end that the Structures of Consciousness film series was developed.  The intention of the series is to transport Jean Gebser’s esoteric and mystical philosophy into something that can be a part of every day.  Each short film endeavors to bring a particular consciousness to light so that it can be better felt and understood; its merits pointed out.  In addition, it is hoped that through the experience of watching the film there might be some inkling of a felt sense of the state of consciousness itself. 

This is, of course, a very lofty undertaking.  Nonetheless, I have undertaken it with the strong wish that our consciousness can elevate quickly ... so there will continue to be a lovely Earth for the world’s children and their children’s children.  And many thanks to Lorie Dechar who brought Gebser into my life and into my consciousness ~ the gift of a life time.

Jessie Shaw