Magical consciousness arose out of the Archaic.  It is a consciousness that does not include ‘individuals’ per se but rather a collective consciousness - as if all peoples in a particular group or tribe are accessing one brain, and all actions are for the good of the collective.  There are no individual thoughts or motives.  Daniel Pinchbeck in his book 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl references how the Aztec’s and other early Magical cultures were undone by Europeans of higher consciousness:  “... the technical advantage in armaments of the rapacious Spaniards does not seem sufficient to explain the results of this ‘decisive moment,‘ which was repeated throughout the New World, and in far flung regions of the globe, during the centuries of European imperialism -- in Bali, for instance, the ruling nobility chose to march into the guns of their invaders, rather than offer resistance.  Analyzing the parallel collapse of the Aztecs, Jean Gebser proposes, instead, that the Europeans represented a new form of consciousness, for which the myth based kingdoms of Mesoamerica had no defense.  ‘The Spaniards’ superiority, which compelled the Mexicans to surrender almost without a struggle, resulted primarily from their consciousness of individuality, not from their superior weaponry,’ Gebser wrote.”

This film was conceived, produced and directed by Jessie Shaw who also composed and arranged the music throughout.  The soundtrack also includes the chanting of Dr. Theo Paredes who graciously agreed to have music from his CD “Seed” incorporated.  Photographs are sourced from Ms. Shaw’s library, but also include generous contributions of images from Celia Bockhoff, Peggy Fitouri and Paul Friedman.

Magical Consciousness