Experiencing & knowing the Mythical helps take us toward the activation of Integral Consciousness, an amazingly expansive consciousness that Gebser believed represents an amalgam of the best aspects of all states of consciousness.  He posited that with the unique possibilities and perspectives of all states of consciousness simultaneously activated & alive, the Integral could manifest.

To the extent that chronology can be used as an aid to describe each consciousness, Mythical was most alive in the time before Mental (rational) Consciousness came into being.  This was the time before the Greek city states and Socratic dialogues, before the scientific groundwork & discoveries of Galileo & Copernicus, before the hierarchical & patriarchal tenets of Confucianism.  Rational, dualistic thinking had not yet come into being.  Rather it was a period emphasizing the matriarch, with primacy of myths, poetry and oceanic thinking & an absence of linear time -- only the cycles of nature. 

This film was conceived, produced and directed by Jessie Shaw who also composed and arranged the soundtrack.   Electric guitar improvisations are performed by Jason Wilkins, a highly gifted musician and composer.  Photographs are sourced primarily from Ms. Shaw’s image library, and also include contributions from Dorothy Shaw & Celia Bockhoff.

Mythical Consciousness